Law of Attraction Weight Loss - Inner Weight Loss

We all know that traditional diet plans are anything but easy - but what about using the power of your mind to lose weight?  Is it easier, or just as difficult?

That depends where you are starting.  Just like exercise will seem harder for someone who is very out of shape, and not so hard for someone who is only a little bit out of shape, your ability to "manifest" a thinner body will depend on how much control you have over your thoughts and feelings.

The Law of Attraction works according to your dominant thoughts, emotions and beliefs.  Whatever you focus on the most is what will appear in your outer circumstances.  So - what have you been thinking about much of the time?  Being overweight and feeling unhappy about it?  Feeling frustrated because dieting is so hard?  Worrying that you won't be able to lose weight in time for summer? 

Needless to say, this line of thinking will only continue to create what you DON'T want.

On the other hand, what if you could use this same power of thought to begin creating something better? What if you could find very easy ways to lose weight simply by transforming yourself from the inside - and having the results show up on the outside? You can!

Here are 3 good ways to start:

1) Direct Your Dominant Thoughts

As I mentioned, the content of your dominant thoughts (that is, whatever you focus on the MOST) is what you will see reflected back to you in your life circumstances. In order to start seeing your body in a better light, you need to start focusing on the aspects you LIKE, rather than the ones you dislike. Rather than feeling frustrated because your body isn't the way you want it to be, you need to start appreciating your body in every way possible.

Either focus on the aspects of your body that please you, or find a way to appreciate the aspects that you would like to change eventually. For example, you may not like the current appearance of your body, but can you be grateful that it's in reasonably good health? Can you be happy that your body allows you to move around freely? Find one thing you love about your body and focus on it as much as possible. Before long you will find other things to appreciate and keep the good focus going.

2) Harness the Power of Emotions

How many times have you expressed negative emotion regarding your body? Like when you step on the scale and get angry because the numbers have jumped up slightly - or when you notice that your jeans are getting tighter . . . these bursts of emotion while focusing on something you don't want will only add more power to them.

The good news is that you can also use this same powerful emotion in a GOOD way. You can either try expressing positive emotion (like love, joy, happiness) about your body as it currently is - or even imagine being slender and happy, allowing strong positive emotion to flow in response to those mental images. As you do this, you are communicating to the universe that you LOVE your body, you are HAPPY with your body - and the universe begins to reflect that truth back to you.

3) Change Your Perspective

Do you imagine that you can only enjoy your slender, beautiful body after months of hard work and sacrifice? What if having your desired form right now is simply a matter of changing your perspective?

Try this exercise: Find a quiet place to be alone and close your eyes. Bring your awareness to your body and notice how it feels. Do your limbs feel heavy? Do you feel bloated, tired, uncomfortable? Begin thinking about what it would feel like to BE slender and fit right now. Imagine that your limbs are slimming down, your tummy is getting flatter, and your body is becoming lean and light. Stay with these feelings for as long as you can, really trying to "FEEL" slender and light.

Doing this exercise on a regular basis alters the "signal" you are sending out to the universe regarding your physical reality. If you do this consistently enough, you should notice that you feel different and your outer conditions gradually begin to shift to match your inner focus.

To lose weight easily with the Law of Attraction, you really need to undergo an inner transformation first, which will then begin to seep out to your outer circumstances. In many ways this is much easier than "traditional" weight loss methods because you are not trying to force your body to change, but rather addressing the inner patterns of thought and belief that created the excess weight in the first place.

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