Law of Attraction Weight Loss - Inner Weight Loss

How to Use Weight Loss Affirmations

Affirmations for weight loss are a great way to start activating the Law of Attraction and manifesting the slimmer, healthier body you desire.  However, there are right and wrong ways to go about it - or should I say effective and ineffective ways.

Many people believe that just saying the words of the affirmation is enough to magically melt away the pounds, but the words themselves hold no power whatsoever.  Instead, the most important element of an affirmation is the way it makes you FEEL.

Consider for a moment the essence of what you are trying to accomplish with your affirmations.  The Law of Attraction is activated by your dominant focus - which includes your most common thoughts, beliefs and expectations.  This dominant focus triggers corresponding emotions that let you know exactly the type of outcome you are in the process of manifesting.

If your dominant thoughts about your body are:  "I hate my body.  I hate being fat.  I hate feeling self-conscious.  I hate feeling embarassed about my body.  I hate these excess pounds."  You can feel a strong, buzzing essence of dissatisfaction and unhappiness flowing through you, right?

In order to manifest a slender, healthy body, you need to choose thoughts that will make you FEEL the way you would feel if you did indeed have that slender, healthy body.

One common approach to affirmations is to state them as if they were true right now:

"I am slender, fit and healthy.  I love my body exactly as it is.  I wear a size 5.  I weigh 125 pounds."

Just reading those affirmations probably gave you an idea of why they won't always work for everyone - in the back of your mind you KNOW they aren't true, so you feel a bit of resistance coming up.  That resistance will block the manifestation.

You can overcome this resistance by persistently reciting the affirmation over and over, dozens of times a day.  In time, you will eventually wear away the resistance and start resonating on that frequency and manifest the outcome. 

But that's taking the long way around.

An easier way is to adjust your affirmations so that they feel better to you right now.

Let's rewrite the above examples so you can see how a little tweaking makes them feel so much more believable:

"It would feel so good to be slender, fit and healthy.  I can imagine being totally in love with my body.  Wearing a size 5 would make me feel so sexy!  The ideal weight for me would be around 125 pounds; at that weight I would feel very healthy and light."

Notice that these affirmations are not contradicting your existing beliefs, but at the same time they are helping you to TUNE INTO a different vibrational frequency: that of a slender, light, healthy person.

To use affirmations for weight loss effectively, you need to choose phrasing that makes you feel good when you say the words.  If you feel neutral, disbelief, anxiety or frustration when you recite the affirmation, it needs to be adjusted further.

Keep going until you can FEEL the ESSENCE of what you are trying to accomplish with the affirmation, whether it's lightness, freedom, joy, self-love, empowerment, or any other quality.  Saying the words should trigger the corresponding emotion.

And when you trigger the corresponding emotion often enough, for long enough, the manifestation must come!